one starts every day in yucatan!!!

Yucatan is full of surprises!

Every day there is something different in Yucatan. Whether it is downtown enjoying music, attending exhibition openings, visiting new installations in their museums, or strolling thru the amazing market area, promenading in the plaza grande, or in the villages and their endless festivals, bullfights, passing circuses, you just never know what is going to happen.

Enjoy not only a dip in the beautiful Caribbean water near the coast, but walk through the ruins of the great Chichen Itza, the amazing Uxmal, Izamal and, if you want, venture deep into a cave once used by the Maya for all sorts of reasons. Then, finish with a delicious swim in an underground sweet water cenote, cool and refreshing...

So come on down and join in. Besides learning how to take great pictures, you can experience Yucatan and it's lovely people for your self!