Adventure and photography go together!

24 Photogravures

An extremely rare portfolios of photogravures of Yucatan, Mexico by Andrew Xenios. The technique is the flat plate, open grain, acid etched method.
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100 Free Photoshop Actions

Photoshop actions can be extremely useful timesavers when you find yourself performing the same steps over and over on an image.
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Original Signed Prints

Now available, original hand made prints by the artist on 100% archival paper using carbon or pigment inks. Each print is signed, dated and dedicated to you.

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Portraits of Mayas of Yucatan, Mexico

For several years I have been making portraits of the Maya of Yucatan, Mexico. In this series I have selected a few out of the hundreds that I thought you might enjoy.
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afghan portrait

An Outstanding Collection of Afghan Portraits

A series of portraits of Afghans are now available for purchase. A portion of the procedes goes to PARSA an organization dedicated to helping women.

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Now available, low cost high cuality "c" prints
by the artist on velvet paper.
Any print in the site may be purchased.

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Adventure Photography Yucatan Mexico!


. . . begins in the colonial city of Merida, capital of Yucatan. Photographers will check into their hotel and will work out of my Studio in Merida. From here, we will visit ruins, colonial churces, haciendas, small pueblos, the local costal areas including flamingo habitats, and hidden side treasures known by locals and myself. "... my main empasis of all my classes is self expression. This workshop along with the tour will be focused on a visusl representation of your thoughts of Yucatan, its people, and its environment.

The Fine Artist . . . a definition

My definition of the Fine-Artist:the embodiment of "Freedom of Expression."

I plunge myself into the middle of life looking for relationships that I can express spiritually as well as visually. It can be ugly or beautiful, poetic, provocative, musical, ironical, stressful, sad, happy, nostalgic, memorable... It is from inside, it is my deepest feelings and thoughts surfacing to the conscious, intellectually expressed for myself. I am independent, nothing controls me except my self and my perceptions of the world around me. I resists, as T.S. Elliot says, the 'pressures of reality' usually designed to make me conform; to make us all conform to that outside of us. These 'pressures of realities' are constantly around all of us every day!

I do not kowtow to a jury. I do not do it for money or someone"s whim. I do not follow others rules, although I do follow rules. Being completely alone in my endeavor, my job is interpreting the environment from my personal perspective and freely expressing it much like the innocent child I once was. The difference of course is the unavoidable condition of "experience" which slowly separates me from the child inside. The farther away we get from that "child" in us, the more apt we are to hand over our freedom of expression to conformity. The child in the fine artist, the freedom of expression of the fine artist brings me back to my basic rights; freedom of expression and the right to pursue happiness.

In a civilized society, my existence is to constantly exercise this freedom of expression. If I exists, then freedom of expression is alive and well, civilized society is alive and well. It is all I can do. It is all any artist can do. It is all any individual can do. No Fine Artist, then freedom of expression is lost. The right to pursue individual happiness will follow. The individual becomes oppressed. It is that simple. No dictator, secret society, or bully will tolerate the freedom of expression. No Fine Artist always equals no freedom of expression. No freedom of expression means no civilized society. It has happened over and over in history. The Fine Artists are the first to go, civilized society then follows.

The Fine Artist is the embodiment of our "freedom of expression." The fine artist must be sought out and protected by all of us. Protecting the Fine Artist means we are protecting ourselves. Insuring his existence insures the existence of our own right to freedom of expression and our right to pursue happiness. ​